New Talos II Special Developer System SKU: TLSDS3

Joining the ranks of the Talos 2 Special Developer Systems is a new SKU announced by Raptor on Twitter, TLSDS3. This unit offers a T2 Lite motherboard with a single 4-core Sforza POWER9, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of NVMe flash in a chassis with 500W PSU for $2099. The processor may be upgraded, but only a single processor is supported. The TLSDS3 appears to be replacing the TLSDS2, which is no longer available for order.

Although the original TLSDS1 is cheaper by about $400, the TLSDS3 doesn't have the limitations of the DD2.1 stepping used in the original Special Developer System or the the successor TLSDS2 (lower clocks and no support for virtualization).

The TLSDS3 package is available for order now.