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Write for Talospace

Got an interesting project or application of relevance to the Talospace community? Write it up as a guest contributor!

Here's some ideas for what we publish. Articles appearing in Talospace remain the intellectual property of their volunteer authors. We don't take your work, it's yours. All we ask is that anything you post, including your images, diagrams, etc., be either public domain, royalty-free or otherwise entirely your work, and that your articles and such associated media be freely redistributable with attribution. All articles on Talospace are distributed under, and must conform with, Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0. All work is uncompensated.

If you'd like to be a volunteer guest author on Talospace, or have an idea for a regular feature, send it to "talospace at floodgap dawt com".

Welcome to Talospace

Welcome to the free computing frontier: a family of systems that are free, open and trustworthy. If you're reading this blog, you've either got or got an interest in the Raptor Talos II family of OpenPOWER systems, all the way from the value-for-money T2 Lite to the colossal 2x22 monsters.

Most importantly, though, you have an interest in making sure that we can trust our own computers again. They shouldn't be defective by design with firmware we can't audit, connections we can't see and backdoors we didn't authorize. The Talospace is designed to help you get the most from it.

This blog is a blog, nothing less, nothing more. It's not a technical reference site; we report and aggregate. Talospace concentrates on:

  • news and announcements related to the Talos II systems specifically as well as the Power ISA ecosystem in general (particularly little-endian PowerPC 64, but other 64-bit Power ISA variants and historic 32-bit PowerPC systems are also on topic), such as new software and new OS support;
  • new Power ISA-based hardware;
  • reviews of all of the above, if feasible and affordable;
  • personal interest stories ("Post Your Talos") and interesting applications people are using their systems for;
  • programming and hacking projects related to Power ISA, all open source, of course;

and pretty much anything else that's vaguely related to the topics above. We avoid:

  • paid reviews -- if it costs money, we'll make every effort to buy it retail like you would. If it's pricey but potentially useful, we will say so if we got a discount or a review unit. We will never accept money for actually writing a review. We promise.
  • topics only indirectly related to Power ISA, except to serve as a useful point of comparison;
  • exhaustive technical documentation and references -- particularly for the Talos family itself, the Raptor Computing Systems Wiki is a far better resource

and so forth.

We hope you'll enjoy Talospace and find it useful. If you have comments, feel free to post them, or E-mail us at "talospace at floodgap dawt com".

Talospace carries advertising, but is not primarily funded by it. Feel free to click on ads or block them as you choose. We don't censor our RSS feed either, so read Talospace any way you like. Proceeds from advertising go to maintaining the domain name and resources that support this blog, which is sponsored by Floodgap Systems.

Talos™ is a trademark of Raptor Computing Systems and Talospace is neither operated nor endorsed by Raptor Computing Systems, LLC, nor Raptor Engineering, LLC.