Linux kernel 4.18 available

Version 4.18 of the Linux kernel is now official; Phoronix lists the major hits. There's even some PA-RISC love in there.

For Talos II land among all the other updates for POWER9, some of the KVMPPC work that enables QEMU to actually boot and run Mac OS X on T2 hardware without using pure software CPU emulation is now in this release (disclaimer: yours truly is a contributor). This requires using KVM-PR instead of the true hypervisor KVM-HV (which also is the subject of substantial updates in this release), but now will work as long as your Talos II's MMU is set to use hash tables instead of radix mode (putting disable_radix as a kernel command line parameter in your GRUB configuration will do nicely). More details on getting this up and running will be the subject of a future post.