Is there a tiny Talos in the timeline?

Did Raptor just tip their hand on a micro-ATX Talos? No announcements on price or capacity, but being one CPU, it would probably be most comparable to the Talos II Lite (1TB RAM maximum, PCIe x16 and x8). This is doable in an mATX form factor, but given the size of the heatsinks in the EATX T2 and T2 Lite, cooling might be an issue in a case this small. We'd imagine the price would be competitive with the T2 Lite as well.

Some fun case graphics might give this thing a little style, too (see our artist's impression of the image they linked).


  1. Small correction. Lite supports 128GB DIMM max which means 128 * 8 = 1TB RAM max and not as you claim 128GB.


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