GlobalFoundries stops all 7nm development

As reported in AnandTech, GlobalFoundries, which includes the former chip manufacturing foundries of AMD and, notably for our reporting, IBM, has scuttled their 7nm process roadmap. Instead, the company will be concentrating more on their 14nm and 12nm FinFET technology, including the 14nm FinFET process that GlobalFoundaries uses to manufacture the POWER9.

The POWER10, scheduled for 2020 in the IBM product roadmap, is supposedly being designed on a 10nm process. Assuming IBM doesn't redesign the POWER10 for 12nm, their other options are Intel (unlikely), TSMC or Samsung, all of whom have 10nm processes. POWER11 was planned for 7nm, but has no timeframe. Meanwhile, in a possible sign of what's to come, AMD has moved to TSMC.