Gentoo on little-endian

A nice write up by Martin Kukač on getting Gentoo to be happy on little-endian: even though many Linux distributions support LE, and some now only do, if you install Gentoo from the Minimal Installation CD and try to use the ppc64le stage 3 tarball there's an endian mismatch and it doesn't work (dies during the install steps with /bin/bash in incompatible format). The issue appears to be that the Minimal Installation CD itself is big-endian; there is currently no analogous little-endian image. Martin's brainwave was to complete the installation from an already running little-endian system (he used RiscySlack but Void should also work as well). Following his steps, the OS will build in little-endian mode from within the second OS, and then can be booted into it. Good to have the choice and a nice how-to.


  1. Gentoo now ships ppc64le install iso =)
    it has both 4K and 64K pagesz kernels, so users can choose at boot time.
    tested on both talos and blackbird.


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