Don't just slack. Power Slack.

A port of Slackware to OpenPOWER ("Riscy Slack") is taking shape, something that delights me personally since Slackware was my first taste of Linux on an old 486 we christened calvin circa 1998. Never a distro for the novice, which is admittedly part of its charm, there's no handholding even on supported platforms and even less so here, so use at your own risk. The current build is based on a snapshot from Slackware64 current, though about a month old as of this writing, and you will need to download and extract the tarballs manually (no slackpkg support yet) with some tweaks (this is the described installation process right now). There is no specific support for POWER8, but X and KDE are apparently working, with some Qt issues still yet to be ironed out. Installation fragments are on a dedicated server and you can watch the progress on the porter's blog.


  1. The Linux kernel is built with processor set to POWER8 and newer.
    Its using the standard PowerNV config for the kernel, with most everything beyond that set to load as a module.

    The packages are being built against the generic PowerPC64le setting. So in theory, it should be able to run on POWER8, I just don't have a system to test it with.

  2. Slackpkg has been patched to work with ppc64le and my gpg-key.

    Was an easy change to /usr/libexec/slackpkg/core-functions.h


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