Firefox 78 on POWER

Firefox 78 is released and is running on this Talos II. This version in particular features an updated RegExp engine but is most notable (notorious) for disabling TLS 1.0/1.1 by default (only 1.2/1.3). Unfortunately, because of craziness at $DAYJOB and the lack of a build waterfall or some sort of continuous integration for ppc64le, a build failure slipped through into release but fortunately only in the (optional) tests. The fix is trivial, another compilation bug in the profiler that periodically plagues unsupported platforms, and I have pushed it upstream in bug 1649653. You can either apply that bug to your tree or add ac_add_options --disable-tests to your .mozconfig. Speaking of, as usual, the .mozconfigs we use for debug and optimized builds have been stable since Firefox 67.

UPDATE: The patch has landed on release, beta and ESR 78, so you should be able to build straight from source.


  1. Hello,
    do you have any idea why Firefox on Ubuntu / ppc64le has become so unstable and nonfunctional for the last few releases? I have 78.0.2 (64-bit) now, and it can't access its sqlite databases and crashes on most web sites. Unfortunately I don't know how to debug it or where to ask for help.

    1. Unfortunately, I don't. I can't reproduce those issues on Fedora, but I use builds I make myself -- it is entirely possible they are using settings which don't work properly (PGO and LTO in particular are known to be problematic on ppc64le).


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