OpenBSD 7.5

OpenBSD 7.5 is out with multiple kernel and SMP improvements (we love SMP improvements on our multicore beasts), more hardware support, and LibreSSL 3.9.0, OpenSSH 9.6/9.7, and LLVM-clang 16.0.6. The only headliner Power ISA specific improvement to the big-endian powerpc64 port is a smoother upgrade process, but all the other advancements are welcome too. Download from any of the many mirror sites.


  1. Unfortunately, OpenBSD can be horribly slow on Power 9. At least that was my experience. On my Talos II-based system, I originally wanted to use OpenBSD, but it was simply too slow. My main use (Small Device C Compiler big-endian regression testing), took 40 to 60 times as long on OpenBSD as on Debian GNU/Linux (see the reddit discussion at for details).

    Using OpenBSD on Power is also an all-or-nothing decision, as OpenBSD on Power works neither as a virtual machine guest nor host.

  2. In this respect FreeBSD is better, it works very well in a virtual machine. I'm currently using version 15 CURRENT from January 25. Unfortunately, installation is not trivial, ZFS has to be fired up manually and recently there was a tiresome error that prevented installation. Fortunately, this glitch has now been fixed


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