Fedora 40

Fedora 40 is now out, the most current release that I personally use on my own Talos II and Blackbird systems. (This means that Fedora 38 will go EOL in about a month.) This release is presently based on kernel 6.8.7 and GNOME 46, but not the anticipated new Anaconda installer and DNF5 package manager updates. Also included are gcc 14.0, GNU binutils 2.41, glibc 2.39, gdb 14.1, Golang 1.22, LLVM 18, Ruby 3.3 and PHP 8.3.

Perhaps the biggest news for this release is that an official Chromium build is available once again for ppc64le while I still spin my wheels with the Firefox JIT (Wasm is now broken again and I have not been able to figure out why). I don't like Chromium for philosophical reasons but I'm sure it will make many of you happy.

That said, this release is probably more notorious for eliminating X11 support in the KDE Plasma 6 spin, which yours truly also uses. It will be interesting to see how well that works on the GPU-less Blackbird here since I haven't seen anything to suggest the issue with 1920x1080 through the onboard HDMI has been fixed, but the trusty old BTO WX7100 in the T2 should be fine in the Wayland Wasteland. Attempts to remove the X11 session from GNOME reportedly didn't land for this release either, so we'll see how that turns out too. I usually give the repos a few days to catch up before updating and then I'll post my usual mini-review (here's the one for F39).


  1. I am glad to see that X11 is still present. For me, Fedora's abandonment of X11 means parting ways with Fedora :( It's a pity, because I used this distribution from the very beginning.

  2. FWIW JIT enabled Firefox ESR 115 is available from https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/sharkcz/talos/ for all Fedora releases after figuring out that clang 18 is too new for the cbindgen tool.

  3. X11 is slowly getting abandoned upstream, so the shift to Wayland is most likely inevitable ... But for example XFCE still happily runs on X11 in Fedora 40.

  4. Fedora it is like Windows on Gnu/Linux and I will never use it for security and freedom reason.

  5. I won't be happy when X11 is finally decommissioned, but I don't feel like I have a lot of say, and it does appear the Greater Linux Community - by which I mean the companies and organizations bankrolling and making possible a large proportion of its success - are throwing their weight behind it. I'll stick with X11 + XFCE for as long as I can, and try to ease into Wayland + KDE on my x86 machine so I'm not out of touch with where a lot of the energy is going.


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