Firefox 123 on POWER

Finally getting back towards something approaching current. Firefox 123 is out, adding platform improvements, off-main-thread canvas and the ability to report problematic sites. Or, I dunno, sites that work just fine but claim they don't, like PG&E, the soulless natural monopolist Abilisks of northern California. No particular reason. The other reported improvement was PGO optimization improvements on Apple silicon Macs and Android. How cute! Meanwhile, our own PGO-LTO patch got simpler and I was able to drop the other changes we needed for Python 3.12 on Fedora 39, which now builds with this smaller PGO-LTO patch and .mozconfigs from Firefox 122. Some of you reported crashes on Fx122 but I haven't observed any with that release or this one built from source. Fingers crossed.


  1. Dumb questions - are these benefits also noticed on ArchLinuxPOWER?

    1. If you mean the specific PGO-LTO patch we use and our .mozconfigs, I don't know what their build system looks like. But this would work on Arch, and the Linux-general improvements in the codebase should be applicable to pretty much any Linux build.

  2. Firefox 123.0-2.fc39.ppc64le is now running without crashing on DropBox :-)

  3. Fedora 39 already has version 124 ;-)

  4. How does one apply the patch? Or is this already applied on Fedora/ppc64le?

    Thanks for all this work!


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