OpenBSD 7.3

OpenBSD 7.3 is released. While most of the improvements are not specific to Power ISA, there's a lot we benefit from, including many kernel calls which are now "lock-free" (improving SMP performance) like mmap(2) and select(2), more device support, immutable permissions on address ranges to prevent permissions from being changed in the future — much of a running program's static address space like stack, code and most libraries is now automatically immutable — and support for execute-only memory on both Power ISA and the PowerPC 970 ("G5"). LibreSSL is updated to 3.7.2, OpenSSH is updated to 9.3, and the OS ships with LLVM/clang 13.0.0 and Perl 5.36.0. Download and install when ready, Puffy.


  1. Have you tested OpenBSD 7.3 on POWER ISA yet, or do you know anyone who has shared their experiences? I would enjoy reading about it.


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