FreeBSD 13.2

And hot on the heels of the latest OpenBSD release is the latest FreeBSD iteration, 13.2-RELEASE. FreeBSD has a longer track record on OpenPOWER and in my cursory estimates is the most commonly installed BSD on modern Power ISA. One big jump is that the bhyve hypervisor now supports more than 16 virtual CPUs and by default can create the same number of vCPUs as physical CPUs, which is quite useful to us once you get away from the smallest single-4 machines given all our cores are SMT-4. Additionally, for those of you running FreeBSD on a VM (such as an LPAR or under KVM), nested POWER9 radix MMU mappings are now supported on the pseries flavour, substantially reducing hypercall overhead. The Linux compatibility ABI has also been expanded and on the security side ASLR is now enabled for all 64-bit executables by default, configurable through proccontrol. Downloads are available for big-endian and little-endian. Note that the release notes indicate that all PowerPC and Power ISA releases right now must run kldxref /boot/kernel manually after an upgraded successful kernel and world installation.


  1. Great, but still a long way off for daily desktop work :( I tested versions 13.x and 14 extensively on Talos II about six months ago, both LE and BE variants. File system performance is not knocking. I had to compile ZFS manually. AMDGPU did not work.


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