Vikings now has Blackbirds

If you're on the other side of that great pond called the Atlantic, Vikings' OpenPOWER store now lists Blackbirds starting at €3695 + VAT. Not just the board, the package includes a "4-core DD2.3 (v2) CPU, 2U heatsink, 16GB ECC RAM, bequiet! TFX power supply, all packaged nicely in a Antec slim desktop case." That's already a nice quiet basic system and more than enough to get you started with OpenPOWER, but if you want something almost silent, consider pairing it with their so far exclusive water block assembly for POWER9 for €155 + VAT, though you'll need to BYO pump, tubing, reservoir and fluid.


  1. I wish that there were more opitions, most of all 32GiB (at least) RAM, 8 cores and possibly a bettter graphics card (as in the american store).


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