Firefox 110 on POWER

Firefox 110 is out, with graphics performance improvements like GPU-accelerated 2D canvas and faster WebGL, and the usual under the hood updates. The record's still broken and bug 1775202 still is too, so you'll either need this patch — but this time without the line containing desktop_capture/desktop_capture_gn, since that's gone in the latest WebRTC update — or put --disable-webrtc in your .mozconfig if you don't need WebRTC at all. I also had to put #pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wnonnull" into js/src/irregexp/imported/ for optimized builds to complete on this Fedora 37 system and I suspect this is a gcc bug; you may not need it if you're not using gcc 12.2.1 or build with clang. Finally, I trimmed yet another patch from the PGO-LTO diff, so use the new one for Firefox 110 and the .mozconfigs from Firefox 105.


  1. Silly question - what is the status of the builds Fedora rolls out by default?

    1. Not a silly question at all. The last time this happened, they were building fine because they had -fpermissive, so I added that to our .mozconfig. This time I'm not able to clearly distinguish a difference, but they do seem to be building Fx110 fine with their usual patches. For now the minor adjustment in the article fixes it without impairing the browser otherwise.

  2. Is the performance better without jit? I'm still running void linux with firefox 91 since newer versions on fedora ran too sluggish on my 4c blackbird.

  3. I noticed the same issue regarding "js/src/irregexp/imported/" on x86_64 OpenSUSE too.


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