Fedora 36 released

Fedora 36 is out. This distro is important to me personally as I run it on both my Raptors (my Talos II and my HTPC Blackbird), and even if you don't run it yourself it's a good early warning indicator of future platform issues because new support and features often hit Fedora first. However, I have mixed feelings about this milestone: we get LLVM 14 and gcc 12 and we're finally getting proper long doubles on ppc64le (as part of glibc 2.35), but it's also got GNOME 42, which means my customized, carefully curated to match my muscle memory Mac theme is screwed on GTK 4 apps (but in a worst of all worlds approach GTK 2/3 apps still use any custom theming while new hotness libadwaita apps don't). It might still be better than the alternatives, but it sucks, so in our upcoming usual mini-review (see my F35 one for an example) we might dive a bit into some of the alternative desktop environments offered on Fedora and see how they work on OpenPOWER — I'm thinking about Pantheon, myself. As usual, the review will come out in a week or so once any immediate breakers are identified and mirror sites have caught up. Meanwhile, here's the complete list of changes.


  1. Given the eternal timeline for delivery of my Power9 kit as "real soon now, depending" I've been wondering whether to jump into Void Linux for the convenience of its default 4KB kernel size or Fedora for the general treatment of PPC64LE as a first-class platform and broad support. I am *probably* opting for a dual boot with both to see which I like better, but Xfce will be a must... I just can't hack GNOME because they don't respect their users. I do look forward to your review and wish I could help with the Firefox JIT.

    1. I'll probably run both and see which one i like better. I've used void extensively on my powermac g5 and g4, and it worked alright on them. My go-to desktop environment is mate, I also dislike gnome and mate is a good alternative to it

  2. I tried to install 36. the installer would not display on either the AST or my 7750 radeon.
    They were both activated, just no display.
    I then installed an older copy of F35 and followed these instruction;
    Now it is up and running. It is early and the only app I installed is Midnight Commander;
    sudo dnf install mc. I also dislike GNOME but it comes with Gnome Classic and makes it usable for me.

  3. Pantheon seems interesting. As stated in another article, I've come to love Trinity, so that may be something to check out. Very un-Mac-like, but still IMO a polished experience all around and very reminiscent of my earliest Linux memories with Mandriva 2010 -- even if that was KDE 4.


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