Vikings' OpenPOWER store is open

Rejoice, folks on the other side of the Atlantic: now you can buy the hardware you want from a source closer to home. Vikings' OpenPOWER store is now showing items in stock, including Raptor Talos II and T2 Lite full systems, T2 Lite boards, DD2.2 and DD2.3 POWER9 CPUs up to 22 and 18 cores respectively, and heatsinks and HSFs (and the hex driver needed to install them). The T2 and T2 Lite full systems in particular are different from what Raptor sells on this side of the pond: Raptor T2 systems currently come in Supermicro SC747 chasses with redundant 1620W PSUs but the Vikings flavour comes in Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 towers with a 650W PSU. Vikings T2 Lites start at €4158/US$4713 with VAT and full T2s at €5707/US$6467 with VAT, and both include 16GB of RAM and a single 4-core DD2.2 POWER9 with 3U HSF. You can of course add a GPU, 2nd CPU, RAM, SSD, bigger PSU, etc. to order, and if you're in Aachen, Germany, you can even drop by and pick it up. No word on Blackbird sales yet but we're sure that's on the way as the supply chain improves and Raptor is able to manufacture more, and in the meantime the T2 Lite remains a solid alternative. Note that while their OpenPOWER store is separate from their RYF products, the T2 and T2 Lite are still absolutely FSF RYF. Systems are available for order now. Let's support the companies that support us.


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