If you like big-endian and Void and cannot lie ...

... then you other brothers can't stand by: Void PPC, probably one of the most finely tuned distributions for Power ISA systems (and one of the few still supporting Power Macs), needs big endian maintainers due to the work needed to maintain those four flavours, i.e., 32-bit PowerPC and 64-bit BE Power multiplied by musl and glibc. I totally get the idea of not maintaining what you don't personally use, which is one of the reasons I cut loose TenFourFox and Classilla earlier. It's a shame but it's awfully hard to justify dedicating resources to a free product that isn't personally beneficial. The new BE Void PPC maintainer would be responsible for doing the builds as well as fixing issues, but it should be possible to coordinate hosting the packages on an official mirror. I imagine it's negotiable to do only glibc or only 64-bit or some such depending on the hardware or interest you have.

If no one steps up, the big-endian musl repos go first by the end of this year, and the glibc repos will be discontinued in January 2023. Little-endian 64-bit is unaffected as is the experimental little-endian 32-bit flavour. Interested community members will want to take a look at the Void PPC Github.


  1. It's a real shame they're dropping it, Void's a great distro for G4 Macs and more embedded PowerPCs, like Nintendo consoles. There's still Adélie, though I prefer void's rolling model and the non-KDE offering on Adélie is a little unpolished yet (1.0-rc2).

    Makes me wish I had the knowledge and motivation to help ��

  2. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I might want to give it a shot. I can't test on 60xyz, but I have all from G3 to G5. Void runs horrible on my G5, though, for some reason. Like, worse than Tiger on my G3.

  3. I really don't know how do you the stuff that you do. =)

    I've been working for 15+ years as... skillset-wise, would be a sysadmin. I'm proficient in bash and powershell. And yet, last year I started learning C, and, wow, it's being a journey.

    I can do quite a bunch, but no way close to the skillset required to help maintain a distribution. And I'd love to help, as I've been using my G5 for 80% of my computing needs.

    It saddens me to see perfectly functional computers becoming less and less useful...


  4. What all needs to be done? Void will not have a glibc version anymore at all???? What about running things like steam? Ugh this is why I just stick to Debian or Gentoo 90% of the time. Gentoo still supports PowerPC the only problem is compile times. Debian does too but it's kinda hacky. I've been running void on a Mac Mini G4 and for server based tasks it's been great.. have still been struggling to get any type of graphics acceleration working though >.>

  5. wait so it's just a package maintainer they need or???? Because that honestly doesn't sound too hard. I do actually use it, but it's obvious that it hasn't had too much love. It's either someone maintains it or I try openBSD


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