OpenBSD 7.0

OpenBSD 7.0 is available, compatible with Raptor workstations in big-endian mode as well as "expected to be" with IBM PowerNV hardware generally. New powerpc64-specific improvements include MSI-X support, a fix for page faults under recursive locking, a bump in the maximum data size to 32GB, and support for the dynamic tracer. This is on top of better GPU support, additional driver and device support, updates to OpenSMTPD, LibreSSL and OpenSSH, and lots of new port packages. You can boot OpenBSD directly from Petitboot and install over the network; download mirrors are worldwide.


  1. Notably, it supports all the way down to G3s, so it makes for a good OS for pretty low end Macs (like 333MHz iG3s).


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