Kernel 5.14

Version 5.14 of the Linux kernel has landed. Not much in PowerPC land this time around except for a few bug fixes, although one of the fixes repairs an issue that can hit certain hashtable-based CPUs (though I don't believe the POWER9 in HPTE mode is known to be affected), but there are some privacy-related features including memfd_secret() that creates a tract of memory even a compromised kernel can't look into, a new ioctl for ext4 filesystems to prevent information leaks, and of course core-based scheduling allowing restrictions on what processes may share cores as extra insurance against Spectre-type attacks (at the cost of less effective utilization, so this is largely more of interest to hosting providers rather than what you run on your own box). Other new features of note include a burstable "Completely Fair Scheduling" to allow a task group to roll over unused CPU quota under certain conditions, a cgroup "kill button" feature and some initial infrastructure for supporting signed BPF programs. Expect this version to appear in Fedora and other "leading edge" distributions soon.