OpenBSD 6.9

Great past few days for new OpenPOWER operating system support: now the newest release of OpenBSD is available as well to complement Ubuntu and Fedora updates earlier this week. Many improvements have landed to the big-endian powerpc64 port since its début in OpenBSD 6.8, most notably framebuffer support for the ASPEED BMC, workarounds for addressing AMD GPUs over PCIe, power-saving mode for POWER9, and IPMI on PowerNV systems (which is all Raptor-family machines and quite a few others). General to all ports include an additional privacy guard for video devices (similar to the existing one for audio) among other webcam fixes, encrypted RAID-1, performance improvements to SMP, lots of additional hardware drivers, security fixes and updates to networking and crypto.

With this release, your BSD choices on OpenPOWER just got more solid between this and the mature FreeBSD port. Again, the real shame is why there's still no support for OpenPOWER in NetBSD.