Firefox 76 on POWER

Firefox 76 is released. Besides other CSS, HTML and developer features, it refines that somewhat obnoxious zooming bar a bit, improves Picture-in-Picture further (great for livestreams: using it a lot for church), and most notably adds critical alerts for website breaches and improved password security (both generating good secure passwords and notifying you when a password used on one or other sites may have been stolen). The .mozconfigs are unchanged from Firefox 67, which is good news, because we've been stable without changing build options for quite a while at this point and we might be able to start investigating why some build options fail which should function. In particular, PGO and LTO would be nice to get working.


  1. Beware that compiling with system NSS 3.52 will result in broken WebRTC, on all architectures - so either build with vendor NSS (distros seem to have gone for that) or older system NSS

  2. Great news. Any news on the JIT patch that you've been working on?

    1. With everything that's been happening I'm barely having any time even for TenFourFox, unfortunately.


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