Firefox 75 on POWER

Firefox 75 seems to build uneventfully on this Raptor Talos II and as always this post is being typed in the new version. I'm not particularly enamoured of the zooming address bar and I'm sure you won't be able to turn it off eventually, but for now you can. A number of the developer-facing features are quite compelling, though. In addition, if you're on Wayland (Xorg forever), Firefox on Wayland now has H.264 VA-API and full WebGL support; I don't know how well these work on Wayland on ppc64le and I'm not going to be the one to tell you, but I'm sure some of you folks will try.

Total build time for opt on this dual-4 DD2.2 system was 36:36.67 (with -j24). Why mention it? Well, my dual-8 DD2.3 is almost here and this sounds like a convenient real-world benchmark to try out on the new box. I'm thinking -j48 sounds nice and still gives me a whole 16 threads for serious business during the compile.

The opt and debug .mozconfigs I'm using are unchanged from Firefox 67.