Fedora 32 released

Fedora 32 is released (changelog). We care about Fedora a lot at Talospace Low Earth Orbit HQ because it was one of the earliest distributions to run on POWER9 "out of the box" and it's what we run locally. Plus, being more bleeding edge than many distributions, even if you don't run it you should still care about it because OpenPOWER-specific issues on other distros usually get identified on Fedora first.

Given that history and that Red Hat's been an IBM property for a year and a half by now, we'd have hoped to see OpenPOWER move out of the "alternative architectures" (or at least see a little more promotion of the OpenPOWER build). That said, it's got GNOME 3.36, primarily a UX update but with a new suspend option that probably won't work on Raptor workstations anyway, TRIM by default (finally! though I turned this on in 31 anyhow), support for Free Pascal on ppc64le, gcc 10 and glibc 2.31, LLVM 10, Python 3.8 (and retirement of Python 2) and Golang 1.14. Unfortunately, 128-bit floats on ppc64le, necessary to fix some compiler and builder edge cases, have slipped deadline yet again. However, there is a semi-official workstation ISO for ppc64le now, which is welcome for new owners trying to get their machines bootstrapped.

As usual, giving a little time for the mirrors and packages to catch up, I'll try it on my basic Blackbird and Talos II and report back as we have in previous mini-reviews. Meanwhile, download it yourself if you're adventurous.


  1. Such a great milestone! The timing could not be better.

    FYI webkit2gtk3 2.28 has regressed, thus epiphany no longer works. I am bi-secting the issue atm.

    1. I'm also investigating this, so let me know if you figure something out.

    2. There is already a ticket lodged in webkit bugzilla https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=210685

    3. There is also https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1816527, but it looks like there are multiple issues.


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