Patches needed for Firefox 63

Unfortunately the most currently available package of Firefox 63 for Fedora 28 ppc64le doesn't even start, but again, it works fine if you build it from source. If you were able to successfully build Firefox 62 with our .mozconfigs, then you will need to install an updated cbindgen (preferably from your package manager, but I actually had to cargo install cbindgen to get a version recent enough that the build system would accept), node.js (?!), and the patches from bug 1494037 and bug 1498938. (The issue with the Fedora package has been filed as Redhat bug 1643729.)

Meanwhile, I'm about halfway through the code generator on my task to add a POWER9 JIT to Firefox based on the work in TenFourFox. Going from a G5 to POWER9 is a big jump. Lots of delicious new instructions.