Fedora 29 out

The IBM merger may be in, but Fedora 29 is out, and it's business as usual at Red Hat with its release today. Fedora is our distro here at Floodgap-Talospace and we'll be updating soon with a review focused on F29 and how it works on the Talos II.

Under the Fedora Alternative Architectures are server and "everything" install images for both big-endian ppc64 and ppc64le (though I still believe that ppc64's lifetime is limited on Fedora, and it's highly possible this issuance will be a dead end). You can then immediately download the components to turn these into workstation releases (I did a "quick" dnf install @workstation-product-environment on my own system but you can also go into gory detail).

More coverage in Fedora Magazine with update instructions (from F27 to F28, but the same steps will work from F28 to F29).

Also announced in parallel: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6.