Firefox 115 on POWER

Firefox 115 is out, which is also the new Extended Support Release base. A nice feature on Linux is a middle click on the new tab button will open a new tab with whatever URL is on the clipboard (on the other hand, middle click on an existing tab closes it, so the interface is a wee bit muddled here); a more questionable feature is a Mozilla-controlled extension blocklist by domain. There are also additional updates to the Web platform.

The good news about building is that the fix for bug 1838584 landed on Fx115, so you won't need that patch to build like we did for Fx114. Apart from that, you'll just need to deal with bug 1775202 as usual, either by putting --disable-webrtc in your .mozconfig if you don't need WebRTC, or patching third_party/libwebrtc/ with this patch. The browser otherwise builds and works with the PGO-LTO patch for Firefox 110 and the .mozconfigs from Firefox 105.