RHEL 9.1, AlmaLinux 9.1 and (eventually) RockyLinux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1 is out for those of you who pay money, but for those of you who don't, the new-CentOS-no-stream versions are coming up quick with AlmaLinux 9.1 now available for ppc64le and its other, less interesting architectures. As is typical for a point release RHEL 9.1 is largely a maintenance update, though it also includes support for Keylime, Red Hat's remote boot attestation solution. Keylime needs a TPM, though, which doesn't come with Raptor units as sold; there's nothing on the TPM headers on my three systems here. AlmaLinux's release notes are almost identical to RHEL's, including Keylime, and you can get ISOs from their mirrors or upgrade in place. RHEL customers will know their usual drill.

What about RockyLinux, the other white meat? 9.1 is still in beta as of this writing but is "passing ... to our testing team" for signoff. When ready, it should be ready for upgrades in place or new ISOs from the usual location.

As for CloudLinux, it seems to now be derived from AlmaLinux, so you might as well just use that.


  1. Now, only Circle Linux is missing ;-)

    1. true, it still hasn't landed yet:



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