Guix port to OpenPOWER

Since we already have FSF RYF certification for the Talos II and T2 Lite, why not run an FSF package manager on it too? Tobias Platen has announced an official branch for a port of Guix to ppc64le, based on the existing 32-bit PowerPC port of Guix that can already apparently run on big-endian ppc64, harking back to his initial work in 2019. The port is a bigger effort than it might naïvely appear, though: an updated gcc and glibc is required (and possibly a different bootstrap gcc as well), plus potential 64-bit fixes to Guile and reworking and updates of the heavily x86-centric GNU Mes, the combination Scheme interpreter and C compiler, to bootstrap the full GNU Guix System. If you're interested in finding out more, watch Tobias' video.