Updates: Fedora 33, FreeBSD 12.2, Ubuntu 20.10

Hot on the heels of Ubuntu 20.10 and 20.04.1 LTS (download the server flavour, and convert it to desktop if you like) comes Fedora 33. Ubuntu 20.10 upgrades to kernel 5.8, GNOME 3.38, QEMU 5 and OpenStack Victoria with an installer fix for OpenPOWER; Fedora 33 remains on 5.8 (5.9 likely to follow) but also includes GNOME 3.38, glibc 2.32 and LLVM 11, and also defaults to btrfs on Workstation (watch out if you change to a 4K page size; Fedora uses 64K pages and filesystems generated on one are not currently compatible with the other). As previously mentioned Fedora is important to me personally because it's what I run on my own T2 and Blackbird, so once the packages and late breaking changes settle down I will do a mini-review (as I did for F32), but the change I've been waiting for (128-bit long doubles) is still not in F33 as they wait on glibc changes (maybe glibc 2.33).

And if you like your OpenPOWER systems but don't like Linux, FreeBSD 12.2 is out as well, with multiple security, bugfix and functionality upgrades for a wide variety of PowerPC and OpenPOWER-based systems. Big-endian is well-tested and little-endian is coming along (and snapshots should finally be in -CURRENT by the time you read this).