Raptor suspends shipments due to COVID-19

UPDATE from Tim Pearson: "It looks like with the latest guidance released from the state we can in fact continue to operate mostly normally. Bundles/mainboards/etc. will continue to ship from stock, but any unusual options on built systems or built systems that require parts depleted from stock would have a TBD ship date until the parts can be brought into stock." Good news! Buy that Blackbird bundle after all!

Just in case you were planning on that Blackbird: because of Illinois' "shelter-in-place" order due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Raptor is announcing they are unable to ship. Existing orders (like my order for a second dual-8 Talos II) cannot be refunded or cancelled currently, not that I plan to, but don't make the order unless you are prepared to wait. In addition, tickets and phone support are also suspended, though their IT hosting services and community support are unaffected.

Still, if you have the money to spare, we don't want these folks to go under. Maybe spin up a VM to play with.