Void Linux ppc64le packages at 100%

Happy New Year! The Power ISA port of Void Linux (currently supporting 32-bit PowerPC and 64-bit Power ISA in both big-endian and little-endian with musl or glibc) has hit an important milestone, at least for the musl and glibc flavours of ppc64le: 100% of the Void repo packages are either built or blacklisted. As of this writing, that means almost 95% of the Void repo runs on ppc64le-glibc and almost 94% on ppc64le-musl. This includes Firefox and Epiphany, but not Chromium. This is great news for folks who want another systemd-free alternative.

The numbers quickly fall off for big-endian systems, though. Both ppc64 and regular 32-bit ppc are building about 54% of the repo for either libc flavour. Notably, Firefox is available for big-endian ppc64, but not for 32-bit PowerPC. However, Epiphany and Midori are available all the way down to your beloved G3 or G4.


  1. The rest is currently being built on BE, with ppc64/glibc coming first, then ppc64-musl, then ppc and ppc-musl. I'm at 80%+ for ppc64 with pretty few failures so far.

    Firefox on ppc32 will not work until the xptcall layer is fixed, which will require more effort than my naive patch I tried a while ago... On ppc64 it works quite alright though, with broken colors here and there.

    I will not bother with Chromium, it moves too fast to make patching it worthwhile; i'll make sure qt5-webengine stays functional though.


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