Gearing up for OpenPOWER Summit

While unfortunately I won't be able to make the OpenPOWER US Summit on Monday and Tuesday (August 19-20) due to work commitments, apparently a big announcement is in the works and we should know about it on Tuesday. If you're there, Raptor will be at booth S2. We'll dive into it as soon as it's public.

Notable items on the schedule: Hugh Blemings, the executive director of the OpenPOWER Foundation, is of course opening and closing the Monday keynote and Tim Pearson, CTO for Raptor, is scheduled for 9:55. At 1:50pm Justin Lynn talks about using an OpenPOWER Workstation (gee, I wonder which model) as a daily driver in case you don't get enough of that here. Hugh, Tim and others are back for the Tuesday keynote and then the "special announcement" is scheduled for 10:30 (I'll make sure I'm near a computer). IBM talks about the POWER roadmap at 1:30pm and there's an update on the state of Power support for FreeBSD at 3pm. I'm sorry I'll be missing it because it sounds like a great program, but this blog doesn't pay the bills!


  1. Big announcement? Hmm, maybe Big Blue will buy Raptor and start world wide distribution of Talos products? Just guessing...


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