One big happy Void

The PowerPC Void Linux project has officially merged its 32-bit and 64-bit Power offerings, though to be fair this was expected for awhile and just makes good sense. Meanwhile, substantial progress is being made on the ports and it looks like most packages are buildable, but actual package availability for the big-endian (32-bit and 64-bit) and musl flavours still lags ppc64le at least right now, so that G5 under your desk may have to wait a bit. Live CDs are still available.


  1. Yes, the reason the big endian packages are lagging is that I'm still waiting for my Blackbird (which is to be my primary workstation) to arrive (Raptor hasn't shipped it yet) - until then I'm using my Talos 2 (which is to later become a build server) so I can't give it as much build resources (as the machine is my daily driver and loading it too much would prevent other work from being done).

    Also, I generated some fresh images and tarballs today, for all flavors, for all types of storage media (the ISOs are universal, for USB or optical media). The kernels are newly ELFv2 even on big endian (something no other distro does so far, as it needs a kernel patch) and we've switched to 4kB page sizes, even on LE (I believe that to be beneficial for desktop/workstation type workloads, which Void is primarily aimed towards, unlike other available distributions, as well as general software compatibility)

    1. What happened to your water-cooled POWER8?

    2. nothing really, i was affected by the HPT bug (which was reported here on Talospace the other day) which suddenly made the machine unusable for a while (random hangs on 5.x and random segfaults on 4.19.x), so I had to switch back to the Talos; in the meantime, I ordered the Blackbird, and decided to sell the POWER8 systems to a friend who's interested in them


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