Fedora 30 released (and a big Void)

Not to be outdone by the release of Ubuntu 19.04, Fedora 30 has been released as well. We pay special attention to Fedora here at Talospace since this Talos II runs F29. As with our mini-review of F29, we will be doing a similar mini-review of F30 after a couple weeks when the package repositories should be caught up for ppc64le. Chief amongst the updates is GNOME 3.32, gcc 9, bash 5.0 and PHP 7.3; here is the full change set. One disappointment is that 128-bit long doubles did not make this release as previously scheduled and has been held over to F31, which affects building MAME with gcc (see that post for a possible workaround) and a few other things. It's not clear what caused the delay since the issue plagues relatively few packages overall, but it's just enough to be obnoxious when it does. Until then, though, watch for our mini-review once we're ready to update.

Meanwhile, if you like big ends and you cannot lie, the POWER9 Void Linux port can now boot in big-endian mode (the maintainer clarifies: with glibc). With a little bootstrapping help from Adelie Linux, now you can choose best you suits endianness which (deny can't brothers other you). The plan is to get the Void package repos for POWER9 at parity between the big and little endian versions and then let users pick what's most appropriate for their circumstances, including your choice between glibc and musl on both endiannesses. The big-endian version is also planned to have support for the PowerPC G5. For more information, the maintainer now has updated documentation.


  1. Thanks for relaying the news - just to clarify, we've already had the musl big endian target for a while. The glibc big endian target is new, as it was found that glibc can now use ELFv2 ABI with no problem (it was known not to work a while ago) - every distro out there (besides musl distros like adelie and source distros like gentoo where you can choose) tends to use ELFv1 and I didn't want to pull any legacy cruft in.

  2. AFAIK the long double stuff wasn't fully ready to be included in glibc 2.29 which is what Fedora 30 is based on.

    1. That's a shame. There's not a lot it affects but what it does affect tends to be catastrophically, so I hope this doesn't slip from F31 as well.


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