Blackbirds to ship Q2 2019

On Twitter Raptor is reporting Blackbird shipments will start occurring in Q2 2019 instead of Q1 as previously announced. However, manufacture of the first production batch is in progress (we have one on order and will be doing a review as soon as it arrives). The ASpeed BMC, which is built-in, apparently also needs upcoming Linux kernel support to route its output over HDMI (via an ITE device) when hotplugging a display, which implies current distros compatible with the T2 may not fully work on the Blackbird without a discrete graphics card until they are also updated. We'll be watching.


  1. I think it is not unusual for a new product. I will be happy it my Blackbird arrive before June ;-)

  2. Perfect for me, because the MachOne case should be available at the same time :-)

    P. S. This comes closest to the PowerMac G5 chassis, I guess.


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