Alpine Linux 3.9.0 available

Alpine Linux 3.9.0 is now available. Unfortunately for platforms that aren't x86_64, Rust is not available and therefore packages downstream of it (most notoriously current versions of Firefox) are not available either. That includes their ppc64le support, which doesn't seem to support the POWER9 yet, though there is hope for Talos II support in a future release.

Alpine Linux's less typical internal configuration seems to be the sticky point. There had been requests to help with the Rust porting effort back in October, and while the ppc64 version could build, it apparently had (has?) crippling crash bugs. This is still better than their 64-bit ARM support, which apparently doesn't even compile.


  1. On a related note, in Void we recently updated Rust to 1.32 and it has support for all 3 ppc64 hosts, i.e. glibc little endian, musl little and big endian; you can compile it on all 3 without having to cross-compile

  2. I checked their FAQ and they explicitly disclaim a link, so I just removed that section of the article. However, they do also use musl. Based on q66's comments above that must not be the problem Alpine is having. Perhaps it is their static linking.

  3. As far as I know, Alpine is really lacking in general when it comes to ppc64le support, a big number of packages are missing for the arch in general. Rust requires pretty little musl patching now (we have 3 in Void, none of them specific to ppc64), more patches used to be required at least for big endian but they're all upstream now.


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