FreeBSD 12.0 released

FreeBSD 12.0 is released, the latest version of the venerable BSD-derived operating system, with updates to crypto, TRIM support and Clang among other features and improvements. ISO images and downloadable archives are available for ppc64, but this support does not seem to include POWER9 (yet). One of our occasional readers is on this team and perhaps could give an update?

Note that Power support in FreeBSD is big-endian; no word on whether ppc64le will be supported as well.


  1. POWER9 development on FreeBSD is currently a fast-moving target. Several of the FreeBSD developers have Talos systems either installed or on-order (e.g., "me"). So watch commits to FreeBSD-CURENT and the FreeBSD ports tree.

    The FreeBSD/powerpc64 support is BE and I don't know of any work to support LE.


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