LaGrange system in the works?

We're all very jealous that Phoronix gets to play with a dual 22-core Talos II (we're just dual 4-core pikers here), but from the comments thread comes the mention of a possible future LaGrange-based system. All of the current Talos family (the Talos II, T2 Lite and upcoming Blackbird) use Sforza POWER9 processors, which currently offer the best flexibility for workstation, workstation-like and low-to-midrange server systems with 48 PCIe 4.0 lanes. However, Sforza "only" has half the memory bandwidth of the bigger beasts with "just" 4-channel DDR4 and a single X-bus SMP link, limiting such systems to two CPUs maximum. LaGrange, by contrast, has "only" 42 PCIe 4.0 lanes, but has 8-channel DDR4 and double the X-bus, making a 4-CPU system possible. LaGrange systems are already in use by Google and Rackspace for their Zaius/Barreleye designs. With SMT-4 and 22 cores, such a system could max out at a whopping 352 threads and would very clearly be positioned against AMD's offerings.

As an aside, those of you who know the entire Nimbus family may be wondering where Monza fits in the Talos product line, and our opinion is currently it doesn't. While Monza has 8-channel DDR4 and more relevantly the best OpenCAPI and NVLink interconnect bandwidth of the three chips, making it an excellent choice for large multinode systems like the gargantuan Summit supercomputer, it pays the price in just 34 PCIe 4.0 lanes. Raptor's current product line wouldn't seem a good fit for its more limited expandability, and Raptor systems aren't currently cheap enough to realize Monza's strength in clustering.

The mention is unofficial and no other details are available, including specs, price or release date, but we'll keep watching.