Fedora 29 Beta announcement

The official Linux distro here at Floodgap-Talospace is Fedora, and we use 28 on our own system. Fedora has now made an announcement for the F29 beta, scheduled for final release by the end of October. Among other improvements in F29 are expanded modular repositories and GNOME 3.30, along with other updated core libraries.

Oddly, the images available for download do not, as of this writing, include any build for ppc64le. However, a ppc64le release is planned for the Server flavour, You can download beta Server images for ppc64le, which you can then turn around and convert into Workstation.


  1. The pre-releases including ppc64le are available from https://alt.fedoraproject.org/prerelease/index.html
    Alternative arches use a different location on the download.fp.o host, it's s/fedora/fedora-secondary/. But it seems some mirrors lack some files.


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